Who is Michael Bissonnette?

Michael Bissonnette is a writer for The Post Millennial and the founder and director of a web design company called Mill Wiz Inc. This company has had the opportunity to deal with clients such as The Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada; John Baird, amongst many others.

Currently, he also works as a Client Services Associate at Pathway Group, a Government Relations Firm located in Toronto. Before Michael Bissonnette even entered the ninth grade, he was greatly interested in business and entrepreneurship. He always knew self-employment and business building was something that he really wanted to pursue.

He is a graduate of St. Michael’s College School in midtown Toronto. Currently, he is a pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, focusing on: Philosophy and Political Science.

A true entrepreneur, Michael enjoys working with clients to help meet their business goals and needs. Sales and the ability to sell himself is something that he is exceptionally strong in. At just 20 years old, he was able to garner more than 1900 votes in the 2018 municipal election for Ward 1 Councillor, and get more votes than any first time candidate in his race. As a past election candidate and a current small business owner, he understands the value of networking & developing business relationships.

Some of Michael’s personal interests include water skiing, politics, personal finance, and economics. His favorite personal finance guru is David Chilton, and his favorite economist is Milton Friedman.

With a wealth of information available online, Michael uses that to keep him informed on various problems and issues that plague the world we live in today. Problems such as high household debt for the average Canadian in a rising interest rate environment and house prices which seem unaffordable for the millennial generation are all issues Michael likes to keep informed on.

Always looking for new opportunities, you can get in touch with Michael at: [email protected]

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